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Whatever way a certain election 4,242 miles away goes - The office of President is one I respect

To those watching the US election from afar, we must respect the office of President regardless if our preferred candidate is the winner.

I don't like it when foreign citizens, much less foreign politicians or publications, comment on and interfere in British elections. Obama's infamous "back of the queue" rhetoric springs instantly to mind. I shall therefore restrain myself from coming out in favour of one candidate or another, and instead state what I shouldn't need to say, but after witnessing the reaction to Brexit and Trump in 2016, feel I need to.

You don't have to respect either of their policies or even them as individuals. That's up to you. However, you do, or at least should, respect the office they hold. No president or prime minister in the free world are there by divine right, but hold their position because their country men and women chose them from among their ranks. To disrespect the office of President is to disrespect both the American people and democracy as a whole.

The special alliance is a myth that only people on this side of the pond fantasise over. However, the United States remains one of our closest, and by far, our most powerful alley and friend. Whoever wins today, let us welcome the leader of the free world to our country and build on our partnership together. It is not the individual that we are dealing with but the office of president and through that office the whole of the United States of America, its people and collective will.

So whether its Trump or Biden who wins, whether you are talking about Merkle or Macron, Arden or Morrison, Trudeau or Bolsonaro, it doesn't matter. Criticise them and their policies by all means but don't criticise or disrespect the office they hold as their nations democratically elected representative.

This is especially the case this year when we see shops being bored up in the American capital, fearful of violence from the opposing sides. On this side of the pond, we should make clear our support of the decision made by the American people, whatever that decision turns out to be.

If you are reading this stateside all I can do is encourage you to vote, which box you tick is up to you. But if like me you are watching on from afar, all I can do is ask you respect the office of President, regardless if your preferred candidate is the winner.

Benjamin Woods

Founder of BW: Rants and Other Ramblings

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